Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque


13 July 2017

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The Sheikh Lutfallah mosque, built in 1617-18, is located at the center of the east side of Naghsh-e Jahan Square. It is 512 meters long and 159 meters wide. As previously mentioned in the “Hostel Isfahan” site, the square was an expression of Isfahan’s emergence as the new political and economic capital of the Safavid dynasty. The mosque was named in 1622 after Shaykh Lutfallah Maysi al-‘Amili (d.1622), a prominent religious scholar and teacher (and father-in-law to Shah ‘Abbas) who came to Isfahan at the orders of Shah ‘Abbas, and resided on the site, but was never involved in the mosque’s construction.

The mosque is more similar in type to a mausoleum than a four-iwan mosque. Architectural historians ascribe this either to the fact that members of the Shah’s family had used it for private worship or that it had functioned as a women’s sanctuary.

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